Review: Be Brave by J.M. Farkas


BE BRAVE: An Unlikely Manual for Erasing Heartbreak by J.M. Farkas is AVAILABLE NOW!

Read my thoughts on this blackout poetry book.



Be Brave is the first in a series of erasures in which author JM Farkas puts a feminist, revisionist spin on classic literature. Permanent marker, meet Beowulf.

A former high school English teacher, Farkas transforms Beowulf into an unlikely guide for the brokenhearted that is both irreverent and moving. Anyone who has been devastated by love will appreciate the blackened pages of this bold, youthful, and empowering twist on the ancient epic.









“And now for you. Whoever you are, holding these words or maybe your own broken heart in your open hands-I wrote this book for you too.”

When this book came to me I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was excited because I’d never read erasure before and I loved the idea of finding hidden poems in a finished piece but now I can honestly say I got hooked since the very beginning. And by that I don’t mean the first poem or two, I mean the introduction. BE BRAVE has such a warm introduction, I couldn’t not be excited by what was coming next… and oh, it didn’t let me down.

Be Brave is filled with such empowering pieces. One of my favorite ones reads “Be dazzled through the darkness, watch fate lift on its swift wings, and fly.” It resonated with me so deeply I had to stop reading and breathe for a second afterwards.
J.M. Farkas is a genius and I couldn’t have wished for a better first erasure. I was overcome by the loving sensation of having my heart held and soothed, having someone rooting for me, telling me to be exactly who I am and move on like a song.

Thank you J.M. Farkas for such the unlikely manual for erasing heartbreak, it’s truly a beautiful piece.
And to you reading this, if you need a sign to go pick up this book, this is it.


Massive thanks to J.M. Farkas for sending us a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!


5 / 5 flowers


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