Review Policy

Review Requests

If we were accepting review requests we would tell you that if you’re an author and you would like for us to read your book and review it then you should keep reading and then drop us an email but unfortunately we are currently NOT ACCEPTING review request. Sorry, y’all!! Feel free to check back again soon or whenever you want because we could go back to accepting them tomorrow or the day after that or the week after that, you never know! And to be honest, we don’t know either so there’s that.

BUT, if you are an author who has already worked with us OR we’ve reviewed your work even if you didn’t send us a request then you can go ahead and send us your review requests. They are always open for you!

ALSO, review requests are always open for Colleen Hoover (HA! As if. A girl can dream!). She can email us any day. (This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever written but I don’t care, it is staying).



Keep in mind that we read mostly:

  • Everything with a whole lot of romance in it. We like to be as diverse as we can but at the same time stay in our romance theme lane. (Does that even makes sense? Hope it does.)

We don’t read:

  • Fantasy books. Not really our cup of tea.
  • Horror. We’re a bunch of wimps. Sorry.



  • Digital copies
  • Audiobooks
  • Physical copies. This is our prefered format because it is easier for us to take pictures of paperbacks/hardcovers. It’s a pain in the bum to take picture of digital copies under the sun and we love taking pictures under the darn sun.


Include in your email

  • Title of the book
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Summary
  • Release date (in case it is an ARC)
  • Reason why you think we would be interested in reading said book
  • If you need the review to be posted by a certain date
  • Let us know if you are open to do a giveaway. Note: We only do giveaways of books we really like so we will let you know if we are interested in hosting a giveaway AFTER we read your book.


Review time frame

If you are interested in us reviewing your book by a certain date then we require at least a week (7 days) from the moment we get our hands on your book to the date we agreed on. We like to take our time reading and reviewing!

In case you want us to review an ARC of your book and you want the review to be posted anytime before release day but don’t have a specific date then we’ll make our best to post our review two days before release day (not guaranteed).

If you want us to review your already published book and you don’t need the review to be published a specific day then we’ll read it and review it as soon as we have the time. Our TBR list is never-ending but we’ll for sure get to your book! Do not worry!


How we review

We are a hundred and ten percent honest in all of our reviews. If you expect for us to give your book a great review just because you’ve sent us a free copy of it or because you can’t handle a negative review then we are probably not the best fit for you, my friend. Know for sure that we’re not going to be rude or disrespectful in any way when writing a review for a book we didn’t like. We know there are probably people out there who might love it and we do not mean to offend anyone.

5 flowers
Amazing!! Loved every word. Unputdownable. Lovable characters. Great story. Will probably re-read someday.

4.5 flowers
Really liked it. Definitely recommend it! There’s probably something about our mood that held us back from enjoying this one to the fullest.

4 flowers
Liked it. Nice read that people should add to their TBR. There’s a thing or two we would have changed about the story or characters.

3.5 flowers
Enjoyed it. We probably had high expectations and they weren’t reached but still a solid read.

3 flowers
It was okay. Not bad, not great. Not very memorable.

2 flowers
It’s a miracle we even finished reading it. Probably rolled our eyes a lot. Skim read a lot. Kept reading because we wanted to know how it ended/if it got better with time (hint: it didn’t).

Definitely not our cup of tea. Didn’t like the story and/or characters and/or the writing.


Please Remember

That we’re only two girls who love to read and share their love for books with the world and we are not paid to review/blog (bummer! How cool would it be?!). We just do it for the love of reading. We only work on deadlines we agree on, because we don’t want to get to the point where we read just to write reviews and not because we’re actually enjoying reading. Just remember that when wanting to work with us.