Review: Hello, Sunshine by Leila Howland


A Prep School Girl with a Hollywood Dream

Becca Harrington is a reject. After being rebuffed by every college on her list, she needs a fresh start, so she packs up everything and moves to LA, giving herself one year to land an acting gig or kill herself trying.

Unfortunately, not everything turns out as planned, and after a few grueling months, LA is looking like the worst idea ever. As hard as she tries, Becca can’t land an agent, she’s running out of cash, and her mom is hounding her to apply to more schools. In an act of desperation, Becca and her friend Marisol start posting short videos online—with the help of their adorable filmmaker neighbor, Raj—and the videos catch the attention of a TV producer. Could this be it? Her big break? Or will she have to move back home with nothing but some bad head shots and a monstrous credit-card bill?

Becca may not get the Hollywood ending she was hoping for, but perhaps she’ll learn there’s more than one way to achieve her dream.

Readers will love every page of this funny, romantic, aspirational, and ultimately triumphant novel about a girl who just wants to make it on her own.


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I love stories about people who take risks and work their butt off to make their dreams come true so to say I was very excited to read Hello, Sunshine is putting it mildly. And my, my, my! This book was definitely worth making a fuss over.


Becca has nothing to lose. After being rejected to all of the eleven colleges she applied to, she womans up and decides to leave the safety of her Boston home for the LA dream.
And although she doesn’t start off with the right foot—she’s now the owner of a broken heart and a tiny apartment with no furniture and a bathroom full of mold and rust—things eventually start to look up. She hits the jackpot when it comes to amazing neighbors/friends. She even books a commercial!
Life is amazing. Until everything falls apart, in what feels like a second.
Suddenly, it is time for Becca to make a decision. Stay in LA and continue fighting for her dream or go the safe way and become a college student.


I loved all of the main characters in this book. Becca sure did get lucky in the friend/neighbor department.

We have Marisol. She’s the kind of friend that brings out the best in you. The one that wears a kimono, orange lipstick and listens to country music at the same time and somehow makes it all look amazing. She’s brutally honest, loyal, fearless and a great mentor.
I think she’s the best friend anyone can ask for. She’s the type of friend you wish you had in your life.

Raj is the cutest. He’s a bartender/student/director/screenwriter/amazing neighbor. He’s that one neighbor who will drive you to Ikea so you can make your apartment look like an actual apartment. He’s the boy who can pull off wearing a fedora and the one who will give you his fedora so you don’t get sunburned. He’s incredibly nice and charming. A total boy next door.

There one thing about Becca that almost make me rate this book a 4/5 instead of a 5/5. I loathe when characters cling to their ex-boyfriend’s/ex-girlfriends when they clearly don’t want to get back together. In this case, Becca wanted to get back with Alex—the ex—after he was a total jerk and broke up with her after the lovely road trip they took from Boston to LA. I hate that because of her obsession with Alex, she took forever to realize her feelings for Raj. I wanted grab her shoulders and give her a good shake to make her come to her senses.


I believe in fate. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m a sucker for stories about people being in the right place at the right time. Hello, Sunshine definitely has some of that going on. In real life you don’t realize why you’ve stumbled upon someone until they’ve changed something in your life. In this book, you can kind of predict some of the things that are going to happen. Kind of like being backstage and watching fate work its magic. It was amazing.


I recommend this book to teenagers/young adults who are working hard to make their dreams come true. This book will give you hope and inspiration to continue working toward your goals. It’s a very relatable story that will break your heart and then stitch it back together. It is impossible to put down, trust me when I tell you that I couldn’t stop reading for the 7 hours straight. I can tell you right now, there’s a huge chance you’ll become a Leila Howland fan.




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