Review: Hit the Spot by J. Daniels (Dirty Deeds #2)

Is this love or just a game?

Tori Rivera thinks Jamie McCade is rude, arrogant, and worst of all . . . the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. His reputation as a player is almost as legendary as his surfing skills. No matter how her body heats up when he’s around, she’s determined not to be another meaningless hookup.

Jamie McCade always gets what he wants. The sickest wave. The hottest women. And Tori, with her long legs and smart mouth, is definitely the hottest one. He knows Tori wants him-hell, most women do-but she won’t admit it. After months of chasing and one unforgettable kiss, it’s time for Jamie to raise the stakes.

Jamie promises that soon Tori won’t just want him in her bed, she’ll be begging for it-and he might be right. Somehow he’s found the spot in her heart that makes her open up like never before. But with all she knows about his past, can she really trust what’s happening between them? Is Jamie playing for keeps or just playing to win?




I’m officially head over heels in love with J. Daniels.
I thought I loved her writing while reading Four Letter Word (go read my review!) but that was nothing compared to how much I loved her while reading Hit the Spot. It reached top 3 on my list of “favorite enemies to lovers books”. That’s how much I love it and it shows just how short this review is going to be. Because I’m almost speechless. Almost. I barely have words to express how much love I have for this book.

Jamie is and will forever be one of my favorite book boyfriends. He’s not what I usually look for in a male character and I totally didn’t expect to love him. He is the two things I hate the most. He’s cocky as all hell and a total man whore. But darn if he isn’t also all of the things I love the most, completely charming and irresistible and sexy and sweet at the same time. He’s also persistent AS HECK. I love that about him. I’ve never read a book where the male character was as persistent and driven as Jamie.
I’m surprised Tori resisted him as long as she did! Boy, I would have died. Go, Tori!

Tori is my champion. She’s my queen. She’s fierce, sexy, badass, lovable, independent, strong, sweet and what I aspire to be in a nutshell with long legs.
She resisted Jamie for the same reasons I thought I was going to hate him but then she started getting to really know him and… the rest is history. What history? Guess you’ll have to read the book to find out! Wink. Wink.

I have this thing about reading enemies to lovers. I’ve discovered that I roll my eyes a lot and get bored or frustrated often while reading those books because I hate when characters say they are never falling for the character they hate and then all of a sudden they’re in love. Out of nowhere. Y’all know what I mean?
Well, this book doesn’t have that. Tori genuinely didn’t want to get involved with Jamie and it took FOREVER for them to finally get together. I loved that for a moment they truly hated each other until they really got to know each other.
But don’t worry, even though Tori and Jamie don’t get together immediately, there’s not a single boring moment in the book.

Hit the Spot had my stomach fluttering from page one to page three hundred eighty five. It is so unbelievably romantic and fun. Tori and Jamie are one of the most amazing characters I’ve ever read and you all need to read their story.


5 / 5 flowers


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