Review: Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell (The Barons #1)


The rules of the game don’t apply off the field in this first Barons novel. 

New York Barons tight end Gavin Brawley is suspended from the team and on house arrest after a video of him brawling goes viral. Gavin already has a reputation as a jerk with a temper on and off the field—which doesn’t help him once he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. And while he’s been successful professionally, he’s never been lucky when it comes to love.

Noah Monroe is a recent college grad looking for a job—any job—to pay off his mounting student debt. Working as Gavin’s personal assistant/babysitter seems like easy money. But Noah isn’t prepared for the electrifying tension between him and the football player. He’s not sure if he’d rather argue with Gavin or tackle him to the floor. But both men know the score, and neither is sure what will happen once Gavin’s timeout is over…




Santino Hassell, where have you been all my life?
I can’t believe this is my first time reading a M/M romance. Well, the first one that’s not Young Adult and has enough hotness to burn me inside out. Why didn’t anyone tell me they are so steamy and amazing? It’s your fault I have a lot of catching up to do now. Shame on you!

Gavin is an NFL football player. He’s grumpy with a capital G, has some anger issues and is a jerk about ninety percent of the time. That combination landed him an ankle bracelet, six months of house arrest and a lovely Clark Kent-esque PA.
Noah needs money. Like yesterday. He’s a sweet guy with a lot of student loans to pay and a father who recently joined the unemployment line. That’s the only reason why he applied for the PA position. He didn’t expect to actually get the job after the fiasco of an interview he had though. Perhaps he should have taken that as a sign to decline the job and move on with his life far, far away from the grumpy Gavin but he just couldn’t stay away. (He also needed the money of course!)

I was about to DNF this book. I’m not kidding. As soon as I met Gavin and his give-no-craps attitude I was like “I’M OUT”. But then I met lovely Noah and I just couldn’t walk away. I HAD to keep reading and thank goodness because who would have thought Gavin is a somewhat nice guy very deep on the inside? He definitely won me over.
Noah and Gavin couldn’t be more different from each other even if they tried. Noah is sweet, caring, blushes and is openly gay. Gavin is rude at times, gets angry easily, pretty much hates everything and is secretly bisexual. They are perfect for each other. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple. Their connection is undeniable from chapter one and you can practically feel the sparks flying between them. Be right back, I think I’m melting just remembering the chemistry they had.

This story is definitely an enemies to lovers. For about half the book Noah and Gavin couldn’t stand each other and the other half they couldn’t keep their mouths off each other. It is fast paced and a bit on the shorter side.
If you need a steamy book to read on a cold day then pick up this one. I can tell you right now you are not even going to remember you were cold a second ago.


4.5 / 5 flowers


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