Let’s talk: Natural Deodorant

You guys! I’m so happy to be writing today.

First of all, it’s my first post in ages so sorry if I’m a little rusty. Second, it’s my first (of many, hopefully) post of 2020, yay! And third, these products are absolutely amazing!

Earlier last year I started thinking a lot more about natural versions of my everyday products as I got into a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Since I worried about what I was putting out into the world, it made sense to also worry about what I was putting on my body and the first chance I got to change one of my everyday products came at the grocery store when I was looking for a new deodorant.

I found an aluminium and paraben free deodorant that still had some chemicals but I figured it was a step in the right direction. So I got it and after a few days of using it, I suddenly felt like it had stopped working. And I mean, STOPPED. Imagine my panic!! I was all am-I-even-wearing-deodorant-right-now panicking. Little did I know, when you switch to an aluminium and praben free deodorant you go through a detox period. All the toxins that your body has built up finally get to flush out and I’ll admit, I didn’t smell the greatest at the gym (yikes! Sorry to all the people who were next to me!) but I was a good sport and pushed through until it was over. I tried to convince my mom to start wearing it but she couldn’t bear the detox and started using a regular deodorant again, she has yet to grow the ladyballs to try it again, LOL.

Anyway, months later and mom fluke aside, the stars seemed to align and I got an email from a company called WildRoot offering me the chance to try two of their all-natural deodorants and let me tell you, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I don’t think I can ever go back to using a regular deodorant.

They offer a wide range of scents divided in two lines, performance and sensitive, each with three scents. On the performance line you can find wildflower (lavender and ylang ylang), tall pine (cedarwood and pine) and citrus leaf (lime and sage). On the sensitive line you have wildflower (lavender and ylang ylang), meadow (lemongrass and mandarin) and unscented.

I tried wildflower from the performance line and meadow from the sensitive line and my favorite scent, by far, was wildflower and it’s so nice that you can get that scent in both lines. The other half of this blog (aka Diana, my sister) has sensitive skin and as one would expect, her skin reacted to the performance line. She was pretty sure it would happen, but she thought she’d give it a try anyway and surpriseee (not. at. all.), her skin got irritated and it was overall not a fun time for her. After that, she only used meadow from the sensitive line and her skin didn’t react at all. I, on the other hand, don’t have sensitive skin and use both all the time.

I won’t lie, I was scared to go to the gym with an all-natural deodorant but after every time I wore them I could still just smell the essential oils and not my sweat, AT ALL. It’s amazing.

Right now WildRoot is having a giveaway where one of you could win FREE deodorant for an ENTIRE YEAR which is just incredible and crazy and you can enter HERE! Or below!

WildRoot: FREE DEODORANT FOR A YEAR by TheBookishSisters


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