Review: Love Beyond Opposites by Molly E. Lee (Grad Night #3)


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If high school has taught mathlete Jade Aaron anything, it’s that nerds never get the guy.

So when rock star Lennon Pryor starts pursuing her, It’s not rocket science. This doesn’t add up.

I mean, sure, he’s hot.

And charming.

And a god on the guitar…

But he’s also the world’s biggest player. Being with him would be a bigger mistake than 2+2=5.

Until graduation night, when a reckless moment leads to a reckless kiss. And now Jade’s falling for the one guy destined to break her heart.








This is the third book in the Grad Night series by Molly E. Lee. It can be read as a standalone but I recommend checking out the previous two books, Love in the Friend Zone & Love Between Enemies.

Love Beyond Opposites stole my heart and ran away with it. It tells a cute, romantic story that made my blood thicken like honey with its sweetness. I loved it.

Jade and Lennon have been… acquaintances since freshman year, since Lennon’s dad—and Jade’s mathlete coach—tells him to stay away, yet Lennon just decides to keep a healthy distance.

This book is so cliché I love it. It’s a simple rock star/nerd(ish) love story and I can’t even with how amazing it is. I feel like there’s not a lot I can say since my brain can only put together “it’s so freaking cute” and “I loved it”…. because it’s so freaking cute and I loved it. Jade and Lennon, as characters, have good substance, as high school seniors I could relate to some of their struggles or get excited about their future. I really enjoyed being able to do that, it’s something I find very special.

Jade is such a cool character because she’s a math goddess, it comes naturally to her, it’s what she’s good at, yet her heart is in the arts. Something her mom doesn’t approve of, but Jade is not giving up just yet.

Lennon stole my heart. Oh surprise. He’s such a gentleman yet he has this edgy rock star side. He’s locally famous and going on tour, what else could you ask for? If you were his parents, you’d be asking for a degree since touring is only for the summer and we don’t know what the future holds. And it makes sense, but Lennon has a true gift and passion for what he does. To wrap it all up, what are you waiting for to read this book? Go. Now. Read it. Love it. It’ll love you back.


Massive thanks to Entangled Teen Crush for sending me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!


5 / 5 flowers



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