Review: Just The Two of Us by Georgie Capron

Goodreads description:

Lucy is the wrong side of thirty and tormented daily by the idyllic family pictures cluttering up her Facebook news feed. All of her friends seem to be getting married and having babies, and yet here she is, resolutely single, and no prospect of creating the perfect family she’s always dreamt of.

How she longs for it to be her turn.

But finding love is complicated, and as time passes she wonders if there might just be another way to make her dreams come true. Is she brave enough to go it alone, or is the fantasy of ‘baby makes three’ just too precious to give up on?

Funny, warm, and a story for our time, Just the Two of Us will make you laugh and cry, and remind you never to give up on love.


My review:

Just The Two of Us is the story of Lucy, a woman in her mid-late thirties who has the idea of a picture perfect family as her future, getting married and having kids, but as her friends around start achieving Lucy’s ideal, she’s still utterly single and with her biological clock ticking she starts to wonder if she’ll be able to have the family she’s always wanted.

It took me about two or three weeks to read this book, which is a really long time for a book this length, but I honestly just couldn’t keep reading and wanted to give up on it so many times.

I really didn’t like this book and maybe it was the fact that with me being eighteen years old, I couldn’t relate to Lucy and her surroundings, I found it very hard to finish this book, the story itself didn’t intrigue me too much and it seemed a little dull as well as the characters, they didn’t feel real to me (again, maybe because I couldn’t relate) and the whole overall environment of the book felt a little forced to me, I did laugh a couple of times, I’ll admit one of those times I was probably not supposed to, Lucy explains an accident that (I think) Annie suffers at church and maybe it’s not meant to be a funny part because it’s obviously an accident and it’s sad for Lucy and the family but I laughed so hard because every time I go to church I imagine what would happen if I, or someone else, fell and with church being such a quiet environment, you’re surrounded by a fair amount of people, I just pictured it and really couldn’t hold the giggles.

I think maybe this book would be best for people around Lucy’s age, but everyone has their own opinions, some people around Lucy’s age might hate it and some eighteen year olds might absolutely love it. If you’re curious, give it a try. As for me, the characters seemed a little fake, the storyline was dull and the writing was a little overdone on some parts, but I think every book is worth a try if you read this book please let me know your thoughts.

2/5 flowers 

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