Review: Legally Mine by Nicole French (Spitfire #2)

What’s the point of falling in love if it only breaks your heart?

Skylar Crosby should be on top of the world. She’s just graduated from the best law school in the country and is supposed to kick-start a successful career. But with her father still recovering from his gambling addiction, her absentee mother suddenly reappearing in her life, and the stresses of studying for the bar exam, Skylar is feeling more like she’s holding the world up rather than standing on top of it. And then, of course, there’s the matter of her utterly smashed heart.

In just a few short months, brilliant attorney and all-around tycoon Brandon Sterling quickly became the sun to Skylar’s universe only to twist it upside down and inside out with his secrets, leaving her with a decision to make that will change both of their lives forever. And although Brandon can’t forget the girl who gave him back his heart, sudden changes in his own complicated life will make getting her back that much more difficult. Luckily, Brandon Sterling has never been one to walk away from a challenge.

Even when the whole world seems united against them, it’s possible that they are their own worst enemies.




PSA: I’ll be reviewing Legally Mine (book #2) from the Spitfire trilogy by Nicole French. If you haven’t read my review of Legally Yours (book #1) then I strongly suggest you check it out first HERE.


Y’all expectation really is the root of all heartache.
If you read my review of Legally Yours (book 1) then you know that even though I didn’t love the first book, my expectations for book 2 were getting a bit high because I saw a lot of potential in the story. Well… expectations ruined it for me. Damn you, expectations!

Legally Mine (book 2) picks up exactly where Legally Yours left us hanging. Skylar discovered some secrets Brandon had been keeping from her so she decided to kiss him bye-bye. The second book is basically Brandon trying to win Skylar back but now the one keeping a secret is Skylar. During their time apart Skylar made a decision that changed her life and Brandon’s life but through the entire second book he is clueless about what happened. When Brandon finally discovers what Skylar has been hiding, his world is completely shaken up and his relationship with Skylar is once again endangered. Suddenly—as if we didn’t already have enough drama in our lives to last us a lifetime—danger that’s been chasing Skylar since the first book strikes again and… we are left hanging once again.

I need to say that the beginning of the second book is intense and extremely unexpected. I liked it because it was like nothing I’ve ever read and it made everything move at a slower pace and for a second it made me feel like it was a very real situation. Definitely something that would happen to a common skin and bone human being. But I do think it might be triggering for some readers out there, some might get upset so this is just a heads-up. Proceed with caution if you ever decide to give this book a shot.
On top of that, I really enjoyed that it took a while for Brandon and Skylar to get back together and I loved reading the new characters that appeared in the story, the made everything a bit more interesting.

In my review of the first book I mentioned that I saw a lot of potential in the storyline but in the second book I was definitely let down. It had way too much drama and it was a too repetitive for my liking. Skylar and Brandon fighting, then making up multiplied by a thousand.
The story also reminded me A LOT of Fifty Shades (I rolled my eyes a couple million times) and the thing that made me the saddest is that I wanted Brandon to be different from the typical millionaire CEO who wants to control the entire world and he wasn’t.






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