Review: Reach for the Stars by Colleen Coleman

When Evelyn Dooley married her high-school sweetheart, James, she thought she was set for life. Now she’s 28, single, and fleeing to Dublin from her small hometown to avoid the gossip surrounding their break-up.

This was not in her five-year plan.

Then a chance encounter with gorgeous musician Danny leads to an unlikely friendship, and soon the pair are running music nights together. Surrounded by new friends and a welcoming community, Evelyn is building a life that she really loves – and sparks are beginning to fly between her and Danny…

But when her savings run out and home beckons, Evelyn has to choose. The safe, comfortable life she left behind, or a new adventure with Danny? Will Evelyn flee back to the familiarity of her ex, or reach for the stars and take a leap into the unknown?

A laugh-out-loud, feel-good story of friendship, second chances, and romance, perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Lindsey Kelk and Marian Keyes.




I didn’t think I would be able to love a Colleen Coleman book more than I loved her debut novel Don’t Stop Me Now (check out my review!) but here I am, all smiles and runny nose and tear-streaked face writing yet another great review for an even more fantastic Colleen Coleman book.


Reach for the Stars is the story of Evelyn, she’s a 28-year-old whose life went upside down in just a matter of months. She went from living with her husband and high-school sweetheart, James, to living with her mother as a divorced woman.
But she’s got nothing to lose and if by moving to Dublin she can escape all of the gossip going around her little town then even better.
Meeting Danny was a very unexpected turn of events for Evelyn. He’s a musician and nothing like her former husband.
When the time comes will she go back to her safe life with James or is she willing to take a risk and stay with Danny, the charming musician?… Guess you’ll have to pick up this book to figure it out!


Every single character in Reach for the Stars completes the story perfectly and makes it even more unique. They are all so lovely and hilarious and the kind of people you’d like to be surrounded with in real life.
You can feel Evelyn’s character sneak so deep inside your heart that you can’t help but cheer her on during her journey reaching for the stars. I’m all about those stories were women work hard to make their dreams come true so I’ve read plenty of them and I can wholeheartedly say Evelyn is by far one of my favorite main characters.
Also, Danny is the loveliest male character ever. I love how sweet he is and that his character is just as deep as Evelyn’s. I’m sure a lot of you are going to love him too.


Ugh. I can’t even with Colleen Coleman’s amazing writing. She makes you get all of the feels. You are laughing one second and crying the next because her stories are so relatable and real that either you’ve gone through something similar or you can totally imagine something like that happening to you. I can’t wait to see what she comes up next. I’m sure all of her future books are going to be equally amazing. Definitely and author you want to keep in your radar.


If you’re feeling a bit down and you need a feel-good read to make it all better, pick up this book. If you need a little inspiration to keep you going reaching for your stars, pick up this book. If you want to laugh until your belly hurts and find the sweetest book boyfriend ever, pick up this book. If you’re happy and you know it, pick up this book!




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