Review: STAGE KISSED by Kelley Lynn & Cassie Mae


Sixteen-year-old Kate knows how to juggle. From basketball practices to her shifts at Jamba Juice, Kate flies through her days wondering if she got a decent meal. When she lands a role in the school play, adding yet another task to her already full schedule, Kate starts fumbling through her routine, resorting to desperate measures to get the grades expected of her.

Co-worker and classmate Seth isn’t much of a juggler. Crowds and attention? Not his thing. So witnessing Kate’s ability to handle it all leaves Seth in awe. He could never do it. But then one of the leading actors in the play gets tonsillitis days before opening night, and Kate volunteers Seth to replace him. With his eidetic memory and killer dance moves, Seth’s the obvious choice—if it weren’t for his social anxiety.

With Seth’s growing—and unwanted—popularity and Kate spreading herself too thin, they start to wonder if their friendship will even last through the performances. But putting these two into a romance on stage has an effect neither of them could predict.

My review:

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This book, I just love it so much it’s actually insane. It’s one of the cutest love stories I’ve found and now I want to go out and find myself a Seth to marry because he’s just the love of my life.

Kate’s schedule is crazy full, from school to practice to meetings to work, she barely has time to breathe and she still auditions and gets the leading role in the school play which takes up her breathing time. When Seth meets Kate’s amused by how she manages to do it all, but soon he finds himself trying to do it as well when Kate volunteers him to substitute Nick, who was supposed the second leading role in the play.

I completely devoured this book, I read it in about three to four hours and maybe it was because it’s not a very long book, I think it’s about 230 pages long, but I also couldn’t stop reading, Kate and Seth’s story wrapped me up completely and it’s not because I was anxious about what would happen next, I was just so happy with the story I didn’t want to stop.

Seth is so cute, sweet, nice smart and just amazing, he has to be my favorite character, I just fell in love, there’s no other way of saying it, I just loved him, also, he’s funny and has killer dance moves, his only flaw is that he’s not real… so there’s that.

Overall, I loved this book, it’s light, cute and happy. I didn’t really dislike anything, I liked it all the way. Thank you Kelley Lynn and Cassie Mae for writing such an amazing book.

5/5 flowers 

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