Review: Stuck With You by Carla Burgess

In a nutshell (aka Goodreads description):

One lift. Two strangers. Anything could happen!

Elena thought that today would be just like any other day…until the supermarket lift jams and she realizes she’s stuck.

And not just stuck in the lift. Stuck with her childhood crush, Daniel Moore, who unfortunately seems to be just as gorgeous as she remembered…


My review (aka Diana’s review):

Back when Elena Green was in college, she used to have a massive crush on this super handsome guitarist called Daniel Moore. And when I say “massive crush” I mean box-full-of-stuff-about-him-hidden-in-her-closet type of crush. She never told him all about the feelings she has towards him, he seemed to have a different girlfriend every few days. But on prom night—the night before he left for a year long adventure—Daniel asked her for a dance and… he kissed her.

Fast forward to now, seven years later and one pretty terrible boyfriend, fate has worked its magic in the lift of a supermarket and has reunited them. Just in time for Elena to realize that her boyfriend is the most insensitive person out there and to realize that her feelings for Daniel haven’t faded one bit. And maybe, just maybe, just in time for her to realize that her feelings back then weren’t one sided.


I got to say, the only thing about this book that I’m not a fan of is the lack of emotional roller coaster. This story had me waiting for the climax but it never came, it was more of a horizontal roller coaster ride where there are absolutely no ups and downs. That was a bummer.


I had an amazing time reading this book. It is an incredibly cute story that is very relatable—at least the massive crush part is very relatable to me, LOL. It will definitely make you remember your high school crush. And it is the perfect read after you’ve read an incredibly dramatic book and you need some unproblematic love in your life.

I recommend this book to romance lovers out there who don’t like books with a ton of drama in them, Stuck With You was made just for you.

4/5 flowers 

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