Review: The Lunam Ceremony by Nicole Loufas (The Lunam Series #1)


Like most eighteen-year-old girls, Kalysia has dreams of going to college and falling in love. Born to a family of pure blood shifters; she must set aside her dreams for the good of the pack. Something this strong-willed free spirit is finding difficult to accept.

After an ancient ritual matches her with the strongest alpha in her pack, she takes her place as leader. Determined to create a society that doesn’t judge you on your DNA, Kalsyia challenges tradition at every turn, even if it means losing her power and place in the pack.

When her best friend appears on her doorstep, she is thrilled to have an ally. Soon she discovers that her friend and her soul mate harbor a secret. An offer has been made that will give Kalysia a chance to live the life she’s always wanted.

One night of selfishness, leads to an act of betrayal, that uncovers a dirty secret hidden by the pack elders, and threatens to destroy them all.



Reading Paranormal Romances has never been my cup of tea. Every time we get a request to review anything Paranormal related I immediately hand it over to my sister. I don’t know what it is they’ve done wrong for me to dislike them, I just can’t help but shriek at the mere thought of reading them.

On the other hand, give me the Twilight movies or The Vampire Diaries and I’ll be the happiest lad ever. There is definitely something wrong going on with my taste.

That is why it was a pleasant surprise to find out I’m not completely broken and I actually really enjoyed at least one Paranormal read, The Lunam Ceremony.


I’m very judgemental when it comes to PNR because—I don’t know why, don’t ask me—I feel like in every single story there is a love triangle and I loathe when there is one character who can’t make up his darn mind about who he loves and keeps playing with everyone’s feelings.

And guess what? That is exactly what happens in The Lunam Ceremony. And guess what? It is not only a love triangle, it’s more like a love square. And guess what? I kind of like it. Shoot me.

There is Dillan, whom I’m not a fan of because I don’t trust him at all and seems like a fake piece of a shifter.

Then we have Jase, whom we barely see throughout the book but I trust with all of me and love from the moment he appeared.

Add Cassie, the character who makes me have murderous thought just by reading her name. She looks innocent, acts innocent and I’m almost a hundred and ten percent it’s all an act. I. Don’t. Like. Her.

And finally the woman whose shoes you step on the moment you start reading The Lunam Ceremony, Kalysia. Sometimes I really like her and then there are these moments when I can’t freaking stand her. I hate that she supposedly loves Dillan. I can’t stand them as a couple.


When I started reading The Luman Ceremony I honestly thought I would hate it and would have the worst time reading it because it kind of gives an insta-love vibe and I hate insta-love stories. Lucky me, that is not the case—kind of.

In the story they have this ritual, Lunam, where girls and boys become adults and they find their soul mates and have sex and phase into wolves for the first time. At the begging of the book, it is time for Kalysia to attend her Lunam Ceremony and that is where she finds out her soul mate is Dillan—I’m calling bullshit even after I finished reading the entire book, y’all. Anyway, the four letter word comes out of Dillan’s mouth just hours after meeting Kalysia so I was about to throw my iPad across the room and stomp out of my house like a mad woman. Lo and behold, Kalysia saved me from doing that when I read she doesn’t feel the same way. Yet.

Get why this is not a love-at-first-sight story? No? Go read it yourself and perhaps you’ll understand what I’m talking about.


I am no PNR expert, not even close but I think with all of my heart that Nicole Loufas did an amazing job with this book. It is perfectly written, it is entertaining, the story is so well thought out, it is a page turner if I have ever read one and it quite literaly leaves you hanging. One book from this series and you are gone for. I can’t wait to read the next book.

I wouldn’t say I am a complete fan of Paranormal Romances now but this book gave me the little push I needed in order to give more of them a try.

4/5 flowers ✿

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