Review: The Lunam Deception by Nicole Loufas (The Lunam Series #2)


Kalysia has lived her life according to others – a fate she will not pass on to her child. When a conspiracy to bring down the pack threatens to uncover her darkest secrets; Kalysia must fight to protect the truth about the man she wants, at the expense of the man she was fated to love.

Jase has fought his entire life. For his honor, his freedom, and his family. Nothing in his past could’ve prepare him for her. Kalyisa is everything he never knew he always wanted. Is he willing to risk his life, her honor, and Dillan’s pride to win her heart?



I recommend you read my review of The Lunam Ceremony (The Lunam Series #1) before reading this review. Go read it here.


I have a massive announcement.
Dear world, Nicole Loufas has made me love a paranormal Romance Series so I’ve decided that from now on I won’t run away screaming like a mad woman at the thought of reading a Paranormal Romance book. I cross my heart.

In my previous review I introduced you to the “love square” in this series.

We have my girl Kalysia, our protagonist, who is actually pregnant in this second book. She is a firecracker but not all the time. She doesn’t know who her baby daddy is—deep down I think she does though, I’m not a fool!
I have to admit there were moments where I wanted to slap her.

We have Dillan. He is Kalysia’s “soul mate” and the father of Cassie’s baby AND the father of Kalysia’s baby—or is he?. I wasn’t a fan of him in the first book and I’m still don’t like him after reading this book.

Then there’s Cassie. She never acts a bitch in the first book and she still doesn’t act that way in this second book. She’s actually pretty nice. She is clearly in love with Dillan and she is having his baby. I think I hated her even more because she wasn’t a mean girl. Her good girl persona confused me to the core.

And finally my man Jase. Let’s say him and Kalysia had a super hot encounter a while back and now there’s a fifty percent chance he is the father of Kalysias baby. He is an outsider and I love him. He is wonderful.

I know Cassie having Dillan’s baby while he is still with Kalysia and her being pregnant too is pretty confusing—believe me, been there done that—but I swear it will all make sense if you just pick up this book and read it.


Cassie’s relationship with Dillan is a complicated thing. That relationship is the reason I have less hair than I did when I started reading this story. It drove me nuts with frustration and jealousy. And it is the reason I almost hated this series.

In a nutshell, Dillan made a deal where he had to sleep with Cassie and have a baby with her in order for him to be free. The plan was simple. He was going to sleep with Cassie and she would get pregnant and then him and Kalysia were going to be free and travel the world and be happy.
Only, Dillan is not a bad guy. He couldn’t just sleep with Cassie and then leave her. He started getting closer and closer to Cassie. It reached the point were you could clearly feel he loved Cassie and yet him and Kalysia never broke up. There was a distance bigger than the Grand Canyon between Dillan and Kalysia because they both had feelings for other people and they refused to let go of each other. I screamed SNAP OUT OF IT about a hundred times throughout both books.

The cheating from both Kalysia and Dillan almost made me run for the hills and far away from this book. But there was something, perhaps Jase or my need to know how it was all going to end, that made me stay and thank God I kept reading because it was an amazing ride.


I’m practically out of nails after reading the end of The Lunam Deception. My heart made a happy dance while reading the last chapter, then it fell into a void when I realized it was the last chapter and that I had to wait and see if there’s going to be a third book in the Lunam series. I hope there is, otherwise I’ll be sleeping in Nicole Loufas’ front door until she starts writing a third part. I need more Lunam in my life.


I hope all of you reading this are smart enough to give this series a chance. You will get all of the feelings; jealousy, excitement, sadness, happiness, anger, passion.
I assure you will become a fan of Nicole Loufas and that you will want to read more Paranormal Romances in the future. She did the almost impossible job of making me like a PNR book and for that she is now one of my favorite writers.


4/5 flowers ?

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