A new stand alone enemies-to-lovers romance by USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde…
I spent six weeks screwing Austin Wright’s brains out and all I got was this broken heart.
He can’t be trusted. Not with my body or my heart. Yet, two years have passed and I still crave him like an addict needing a fix.
The last time we tried this, it nearly ruined me. I know I should run and never look back. But his dark haunted eyes and razor blade smile speak to my soul. His touch sets my body on fire. And we all know what happens when you light gasoline. Someone is bound to get burned.
A second chance might destroy us both.
Because everyone knows two wrongs don’t make a Wright.


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I cannot believe this is the first K.A. Linde book I’ve ever read. Have I been living under a rock or what?! I bet every single one of her books is great, just like this one.


Austin Wright and Julia Banner have a past. They’ve been there, done that. If two years ago they crashed and burned, one can only imagine how badly it will end if they give it another try. Only, the more Julia tries to stay away from Austin, the more the universe tries to get them back together.
One weekend with the Wright family is all it takes for Julia to consider giving another chance to Austin. He’s still the jerk he was two years ago and he still drinks himself into oblivion but this time he claims he’s going to change and become a man worthy of her.
And so it begins once again. It’s not all perfect but definitely better than the last time they were together.
Unluckily, it is not long until a disaster strikes the entire Wright family. A disaster that forces Julia to spill a secret that’s been haunting her for a long time which then leads to Austin drinking himself back into oblivion.
Austin refuses to get help. Perhaps losing the girl and finally hitting rock bottom will make Austin want to help himself. After all “when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.”


The Wright family is one of the most amazing families I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and I’ve read A BUNCH.
They have each other’s back. They are humble. They love fiercely.
That’s why when a disaster came out of nowhere to change their lives completely, it wrecked me. I wanted to protect them from everything because they don’t deserve anything bad in their lives. But c’est la vie. Unfair and so freaking unexpected—can you tell I’m bitter? Because I am.
The point is… don’t read this book in public because you will be too embarrassed to cry and your heart will die a little from holding back the tears. Also, K.A. Linde will give you trust issues and you’ll have no ragrets.


I fell in love with every single character in this story—except the jerk-who-shall-not-be-named.
My favorite by far is Austin Wright.
Austin is as real as a character can get. He’s imperfection and perfection at the same time. He’s the biggest jerk and the most charming man at the same time. I must admit I pretty much hated him when I started reading The Wright Mistake because I just couldn’t with his level of jerkness but grew to love his flaws. His charms shone through his jerk persona when he did little things like “win” a unicorn for Julia or signing her up for art classes.
I have to admit it wasn’t pretty to see Austin struggle and still not get any help but I assure you are going to love him and he is going to become your new book boyfriend.


“I’d rather work on fixing all those wounds with you than without you.”


Julia is literally who I aspire to be. She’s a badass. She’s all tattoos, piercings and curves. She’s also an art lover which makes me like her even more. Unfortunately, there are certain things about her that rubbed me the wrong way.
Since the beginning you can see some shady things going on with her, I knew she was hiding something but never in my life could I have guessed what was really going on. K.A. Linde has so many tricks up her sleeve.
The thing that really bothered me about her was that she trusted a woman who pretty much ruined her relationship with Austin over Austin. He told her nothing had happened with this woman but Julia wouldn’t believe him until she freaking called the woman to confirm nothing had happened.
I’ve never been in Julia’s position but I just don’t understand how she could trust this despicable stranger over the man she supposedly loves.


The Wright Mistake is full of unexpected moments. There’s no way you can guess what will happen next.
I definitely recommend this book to my fellow contemporary romance lovers. It is unputdownable, entertaining, exciting, romantic, real, sad and sexy. It even has a unicorn named Waffle, you don’t want to miss that!


If you add this book to your TBR list or end up reading it, then leave me your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to read what you think!




K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Master’s degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.
She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.





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