Review: There’s Something About Cornwall by Daisy James

Goodreads description:

A knight in a shining camper van!

Life is far from picture perfect for food photographer, Emilie Roberts. Not only has her slimy ex cheated on her, he’s also stolen her dream assignment to beautiful Venice! Instead, Emilie is heading to the wind-swept Cornish coast…

Emilie doesn’t think it can get any worse – until disaster strikes on the very first day! And there’s only one man to rescue this damsel in distress: extremely hunky surfing instructor, Matt Ashby.

Racing from shoot to shoot in a bright orange vintage camper van, Matt isn’t the conventional knight in shining armour – but can he make all of Emilie’s fairy tale dreams come true?


My review:

Emilie has been through a lot and even though it all brought her down, specially her self-esteem, a trip to Cornwall might help her rebuild herself with help of Matt Ashby, surfing instructor and knight in a shiny camper van.

My favorite character will probably have to be Emilie, she’s funny and even though she’s been hurt she still takes one for the team which is nice and strong of her. Emilie and Matt are just so cute and fun together, he’s very supporting and caring yet he helps her into trying to get out of her comfort zone and into the world again.

There’s Something About Cornwall is a very nice, light, sort of ‘in-between’ read. I would pick it up once I had finished a big fulfilling read that I need to get my mind off just to be able to start another big read and refresh my mind from my previous book. I personally really liked it, I love me some cute light romance, so this book was right up my alley. Specially now with spring and summer
coming up. It might be worth giving it a try.


4/5 flowers 

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