Review: Stranger in my Arms by Lisa Kleypas

I’d like to thank my wallet for my copy of this book! ♡

“Lady Hawksworth, your husband is not dead…”

With those words, Lara’s life turned upside down. Hunter, Earl of Hawksworth, had been lost at sea. Or so she’d been told. Their unhappy marriage — with its cold caresses and passionless kisses — was over. But now a powerful, virile man stood before her, telling secrets only a husband could know, and vowing she would once again be his wife in every way. While Lara couldn’t deny that this man with the smoldering dark eyes resembled Hunter, he was attentive and loving in ways he never was before. Soon she desperately wanted to believe, with every beat of her heart, that this stranger was truly her husband. But had this rake reformed — or was Lara being seduced by a cunning stranger?



I’m so sad I didn’t love Stranger in my Arms as much as I was hoping to.

When I started reading it, I thought it was adorable and that still stands… kinda. The reason I thought it was adorable was because of an incredibly sweet and tiny human being that appears in the story whom I fell in love with but the story itself… well, it really isn’t that adorable.

The story is FINE with me. It sounded promising and exciting and had all the potential but the reason it didn’t quite deliver for me was the characters. They rubbed me the wrong way most of the time. I never thought I’d say this but the hero was a bit too intense for me and the only thing that comes to mind when I think of the heroine is “where’s the flavor?”.

Although, I also have to acknowledge I was too in my head when I picked up this book. Sometimes I was too distracted and the words stopped making sense and I ended up skim reading some parts so there’s that. Maybe I was too in my head to enjoy it completely? I’m not sure. But I might give this one a try some other time. Maybe second time’s a charm!


3.5 / 5 flowers


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