PSA: Today it’ll be just me, Diana, talking with you guys because the sister is busy with school stuff. Pray for her ass. She doesn’t remember a thing about math.


A massive thank you to Sheila @ She’s Going Book Crazy for nominating us for The Blogger Recognition Award!
She’s lovely so y’all should go check out her blog.



The rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
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How it all started

Three years or so ago I started to really get into reading—and I mean really into it. I would go to school and I would read my way through the day. I had an hour break? I would read. I had a minute long break? I would read.
I was so book obsessed… I still am. Who am I trying to fool.
That’s why in my oh-so-fool mind I thought “Man, I should start a book blog. It’ll be so easy because I read A TON. I just have to write reviews” and then there was this other side of my mind that said “How in the world are you going to put your thoughts out there for EVERYONE to read?!”. So I decided to add my sister to the mix because I was afraid shitless to blog on my own and be a failure and I knew having her by my side would make everything easier and more amazing. Plus she’s way more creative than I am.
Naturally, it took us forever to actually make a blog because we’re professional procrastinators and because life’s a bitch and it kept getting in our way. Then freaking 2016 rolled around and completely shattered us. Suddenly we were school-less and had way too much time in our hands and we were bored to death so we said “Hey Universe, 2017 is going to be one of the best years in our lives because you’ve given us way too much crap lately, so buckle up! This is our year!” and then here we are! Ta-da!
But really, we just have so much passion for writing and reading and traveling and cooking/baking (at least one of us on that last one), it couldn’t stay inside out minds any longer. Our heads might have exploded if we didn’t find a way to share our passions with the world.



Advice for the newbies


PSA: I am still a newbie and I think I’m the worst at giving advice but here it goes.
Also, this is more directed to my book bloggers. I don’t know if my advice will help everyone but I hope at least I can help someone.


1. I am stealing this advice from my mom because she’s a genius. She once told me not to do something that doesn’t make me truly happy just because it’ll bring me money in the end. In this case, don’t blog just because all you want out of it is free books. Do it because it is what you’re passionate about. Do it for the love of sharing your love for books with the world. Do it to support authors and the whole book(ish) community. Do it to meet all of the other people out there who love the same books you love.
God knows I love me some free books—who doesn’t?—but that is just a perk. It shouldn’t be your main goal.


2. My second advice is breathe. Don’t worry about the followers or the comments or the likes, those will come to you eventually, you just write your heart away. Don’t worry about everything that could go wrong, you’ll deal with things as they happen and there’s a lot of people in the blogging community who will be there to help you if anything happens. Don’t worry about not knowing a thing about design, I didn’t know a thing six months ago and look at me now, designing my own header and whatnot. If you start feeling like you’re just reading and reading but not enjoying a thing, take a step back. You’re here to do what you love, so go read your favorite book and find the reason you love blogging once again.



Here are the nominees:

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Note: If you guys have already done this tag or if you don’t feel like doing it, don’t do it. There’s no pressure. I completely understand and I’m happy you know I love your blog.



That is the end!

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to do this tag even if I didn’t tag you. I look forward to reading all of your posts.


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