About Us

Hi there!

We thought you might want to know more about our blog and maybe even a little bit about us so keep reading down below. (If you don’t then that’s totally okay, you can just go ahead and start checking out our fantastic posts. You’re totally not missing out on some real funny things in this section of the blog. Wink, wink.)

Who should read this blog?

This blog was created for all beautiful creatures out there who love to surf the internet when they are not busy falling in love with romance novels characters or way too busy searching for brand new adventures in the great unknown or occasionally making delicious treats.

If you love one or all of those things then thank goodness you found this blog! You’ll love it here. Maybe.

What can you find in this blog?

In this blog you can find recommendations for romance novels. Maybe the occasional non-romance read here and there but we don’t promise anything because romance books are the peanut butter to our jelly.

Some recommended places to visit or places we would love to see but haven’t visited yet. Kind of a bucket list so you guys can add more places to your bucket lists.

And some easy recipes so you at least have some snacks while binge reading because we don’t want you to die of starvation. Imagine not getting to know what happens with Jack and Rose in The Titanic. Oh wait. Darn. That’s not a book. We just began this blog and we’re already f*cking up. Oh well. This is gonna be a heck of a ride.

We aren’t experts in those matters (not. at. all.) but we’re learning and we would love to share some of our discoveries with you all. We can all learn together.

Why did I start this blog?

You finally made it to the part you’ve probably been waiting for. Here’s the story of how it all started.

We’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time now but life just kept getting in our way and then freaking 2016 rolled around and completely shattered us and suddenly we were school-less and had way too much time in our hands and we were bored to death so we said “hey Universe, 2017 is going to be one of the best years in our lives because you’ve given us way too much crap lately, so buckle up! This is our year!” and then here we are! Ta-da!

But really, we just have so much passion for writing and reading and traveling and cooking/baking (at least one of us on that last one), it couldn’t stay inside out minds any longer. Our heads might have exploded if we didn’t find a way to share our passions with the world.

We’re all about the sharing is caring!