Review: Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre


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“Hidden Seams was sizzling hot and utterly unique! I loved it!” ~ Meghan March, NYT Bestselling Author


“So original. So fierce. So ridiculously good I wish I could read it again.” ~ Rachel Van Dyken, #1 NYT Bestselling Author


“Brilliant, beautiful, emotional and surprising. You will simply love it.” ~ Jennifer Probst, NYT Bestselling Author


“Alessandra Torre never ceases to deliver something completely unique, completely addictive, and completely mind-blowing. Hidden Seams was all this and more. I was utterly mesmerized by Marco and Avery’s love story from the first page to the last.” ~ Mia Sheridan, NYT Bestselling Author



A billion-dollar fashion empire, and it’s about to be mine…

I’ve worked a decade for this. I’ve sold my soul and my reputation. I’ve lived a lie, smiled for the cameras, and hated myself, all for this inheritance.

And then … she pops up. A mysterious heir with a rap sheet, combat boots, and a mouth that I want to pin shut with my—

It doesn’t matter. I’ve played this game for a decade. I can continue the charade a little longer, keep my hands to myself and her body out of my mind. I can keep my secret until the ink dries and everything is mine.

Or not.



If I had a dollar for every single time I’ve seen a book by Alessandra Torre on my social media or every time someone mentioned how good her books are, I’d have enough money to follow the Jonas Brothers all around the country (if they ever get back together).
Okay… maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but I’ve seen her everywhere! Her books haunted me so I had to read one of them to see what all the fuss was about and now I get it. My eyes have been opened and there’s no going back.

Hidden Seams is like absolutely nothing I have ever read before. There’s nothing predictable or cliché—unless you consider the story of a man pretending to be gay for ten years cliché or the story of a woman with a (kind of) dangerous and illegal but good job (sounds weird, I know) predictable.
Marco has pretended to be gay for years when he’s actually straight. You’d think that now that the man he pretended to be in love with, Vince Horace, is dead, Marco would finally be free but that’s not the case. He’s inheriting Vince’s empire. He needs to keep up the charade. And then everything gets complicated. There’s a woman claiming to be Vince’s daughter. And he may or may not have slept with her the night before…

When I started reading this book I had no idea what the heck was going on (I didn’t re-read the synopsis). I was confused but intrigued. For some reason I couldn’t stop reading even though the story sounded a bit too twisted for my liking. Kind of like stumbling upon something that you totally shouldn’t be seeing and as much as you want to stop seeing that something, you just can’t. stop. freaking. looking. It felt like that. There was a lot of illegal stuff, secrets and dirty thoughts—GOSH, the dirty thoughts. There was a lot graphic thoughts in Marco’s chapters. Sometimes it felt like sex was all he thought about all the time but I guess that’s because he’s spent TEN years basically celibate pretending to be gay when he actually loves women.

The final thirty percent of the book felt like reading a completely different story. Suddenly Marco was a sweet, sweet man and Avery was suddenly in love with him when for the majority of the book Marco was a freaking ass towards Avery and they pretty much hated each other. The only reason I’m not giving this book a five out of five is because of that. Throughout the story there wasn’t really a lot of romance, definitely sexual tension but not romance and all of a sudden the characters were in love and my mind just couldn’t handle. Don’t get me wrong, their love story definitely made me swoon and it would make all of y’all swoon too but it definitely felt very rushed.

To sum it all up, this book pushed me out of my I-love-soft-and-safe-and-cliché-romance comfort zone. It is steamy and edgy and unputdownable. I loved it. And that last thirty percent I mentioned will make everyone swoon and smile at the banter between the characters.
If you are like me and have resisted getting on that “I love Alessandra Torre” bandwagon; just jump in already!! You won’t regret it!


4.5 / 5 flowers







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