Synthetic Love

Alan Shaden may look like your average Tinder crush – 6’2”, dark hair, dark eyes, dimples – but with his rugged exterior comes a soft and battered heart, and his biggest secret (literally), which he keeps hidden in the back of his closet.

Alan doesn’t stop to think he’s a sex addict until a therapist deems him one, but that’s right before they have sex in her office. Alan isn’t the best man. He’s the first to admit it, but he’s trying to be better. It’s not easy having good intentions and compulsive desires at the same time.

As Alan’s layers peel away, you come to know the worn soul beneath the man. The traumatic childhood tragedies that have made him this way. A troubled past can shape you, or break you, and Alan is teetering somewhere in between. But he’s a gentleman at heart, hiding a dark past, and a life-size, synthetic secret.

Sabrina is a doll. She can’t move. She can’t talk. She can’t kiss Alan back like a real woman can. She can’t even tell him she loves him. But what she can do for him is something no woman has ever done before: she can stay. Who said love had to be with a real person for it to be real?

So I really liked Christina Heart’s There’s Beauty In The Bleeding poetry book and I was really excited to read this one because it sounded unlike anything I had ever read and I found that very cool and original, but I’m sad to say I really didn’t love it.

Christina Heart is an amazing writer. I loved how the story was written, the way the characters were described, it’s very well written… I just couldn’t relate to the story. It was a weird experience since I knew it was good, I just couldn’t bring myself to truly enjoy all of it. I did laugh in some parts, I felt my heart flutter in others, I wanted Alan to be happy so badly and overall I was very happy during some parts but I don’t think I’d pick it up again. It just wasn’t for me.

I know a lot of people have really enjoyed this book so maybe I didn’t resonate with it because I’m a contemporary romance gal. You might enjoy it in a way I didn’t and I hope you do because it’s an incredible story that, I hope, reaches a lot of people.

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