Review: Don’t Stop Me Now by Colleen Coleman



A hilarious feel good read about finding your feet when life pulls the rug out from under you.

Poppy Bloom has a Life Plan: PhD in psychology, research job at her university, and a life of domestic bliss with handsome boyfriend Gregory.

But then she finishes her PhD with no job offer, no relationship, and nowhere to live. Being unemployed and living back at her mum’s house in her vampire-themed childhood bedroom was definitely not the plan.

Poppy is back to square one and miserable, so when she runs into childhood friend Leanne she jumps at the opportunity to catch up. The chance to run into Leanne’s gorgeous brother Tom is just a bonus…

Soon Poppy’s scored an internship at a radio station, a boyfriend, and a whole netball team of friends: things are on the up.

But life has a way of tripping you up when you least expect it, and Poppy soon has to decide where her priorities lie… With new friends, a new career and a new romance, can Poppy keep everyone happy, or is everything about to tumble down around her?

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Just finished reading this fantastic book and decided I needed to start writing this review while I still had a huge smile on my face, some tears in my eyes and my feels all over the place. Everything in order for y’all to better understand my love for this book.


Poppy’s life was going pretty good until a few moments ago. She had the best friend ever, the most amazing boyfriend, she was named valedictorian of the psychology faculty and most importantly, she was about to nail her dream job. Everything she had worked so hard for was about to become reality. But life happens and your entire life can change in a matter of minutes and that’s exactly what happened to Poppy.

She didn’t get offered her dream job even though it was basically a sure thing, instead her best friend and boyfriend got offered that job. And so much for the most amazing boyfriend! He broke up with Poppy over a text message that same day. And to put a cherry on top of it all, her so-called best friend slept with that one coward who was her boyfriend just hours ago. Now she’s an unemployed twenty-nine year old with absolutely no work experience and she’s back to living with her mother.

Lucky for Poppy, when one door closes another one opens. And one door sure as heck opened for her. Soon enough she has her life back on track and everything’s going swimmingly. But if everything’s going so swimmingly, how come Poppy keeps having some crazy bad dreams? Are they warning her something bad is about to happen? What do they mean? Perhaps it is time for Poppy to face the music.


Why did I love this book so much? Because of EVERYTHING. Every letter, every comma, every period. I’m not kidding. There’s not one thing I didn’t like.


Poppy is the realest character out there. She’s very lovely, funny, intelligent, kinda lazy and so oh-so-darn relatable. Throughout the story I found myself knowing exactly what she was going through, because even though there’s a ten-year difference between Poppy and me, I’ve also gone through some moments where I feel like everyone has their life in order and everyone’s always rushing to move out of their parents house and marry and have a family and be happy while I’m still standing in my mom’s kitchen wondering if I should make a sandwich or eat cereal. Lately it seems like the majority of the young people (myself included until I read this book) think that life literally ends when they turn 30. As if when the clock turns 12:01 on their 30th birthday then all of a sudden they have a bad knee and a head full in grey hair and if they don’t have the perfect house and the perfect family then it is too late.

The idea that twenty to thirty is more pivotal in terms of permanent happiness than any other time in life is damaging. It is a dangerous illusion that our personal history comes to an end at this age and that unless we force ourselves to jump forward scrambling for the next monkey bars of family, money and career, we will fall into the void. This is wrong.


I can not even tell y’all how much I love the whole aesthetic of Don’t Stop Me Now. Love the theme, the cover, the title. UGH. I don’t think I’ve ever loved those things about a book until now. And when I got to the part where I discovered why it was called that way, I swear I was about to cry. And that’s never happened before. It was an amazing feeling.


My favorite part was definitely the last 75% of the book. It was full of laughs and tears and I couldn’t stop reading to save my life. The whole book is a page turner but those last chapters, oh man, I was unable to stop.

I feel there’s so much more to look forward to. So much more to come. And I don’t want to keep this to myself. I don’t want to stop now, at this level; I want to make as much of a noise as possible. I want the world to know how with the right support and a little bit of faith and a good dose of feel-the-fear-but-do-it-anyway, you can actually transform your life.


The only thing about the book I think people might complain about is that it actually doesn’t have a whole lot of romance in it. I could probably count the romantic scenes in Don’t Stop Me Now with just one hand. But I really didn’t mind because this book is much more than just a simple romantic comedy. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.


All in all, this book was very inspirational. At least it was inspirational to me. It reminded me that I have to value those people who are always there to help me and keep me going because without those helping hands it would be very easy to get lost in my own head.
I recommend it to everyone. Everyone should read this great book.
Colleen Coleman is an author I’m definitely going to keep up with.



PSA: “A percentage of the sales from Don’t Stop Me Now will be donated to supporting mental health charities for our young people.” How freaking amazing is that!? Go buy it right this moment!



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