Review: There Is Beauty In the Bleeding by Christina Hart


There will be days when you
completely fall a p a r t
and that’s okay.
There will be days where
your ribs feel like blades.
Let them cut you.
There is beauty in the bleeding.
There is hope in the healing.

Christina Hart, bestselling author of Empty Hotel Rooms Meant for Us and Letting Go Is an Acquired Taste, releases her first full-length poetry collection. This collection focuses on the idea that from pain comes growth. That one thing leads to another. And if you look hard enough, there is beauty in it all – even the hurt.

Warning: This book contains sensitive content depicting sex, violence, abuse, drugs, and addiction.




There’s Beauty In The Bleeding is a heart wrenching poetry book about being hurt in every sense of the word. Every source of pain is brought to light by Christina Hart and I think she’s a genius.

I couldn’t flip the page without sitting still for a few minutes thinking about life, soothing my heart and waiting for tears to come. Every piece is crude, raw, painful and incredibly real. Although all of them are incredible, there’s one that hit me deeply:


“And sometimes,
not all the time
I am overcome by how much
I fucking miss you and
it’s punch in the gut
I never saw coming and a
quick right hook and my
nose won’t stop bleeding and
I don’t cry, won’t cry,
until I’m crying out for
someone to bring you back to me.
It’s okay, I’ll be alright
in the morning.
Until night falls.
Until I give in and fall
right along with it.”

(When Night Falls, C. Hart.)


As every piece was a punch in the heart, this one completely broke me. It resonated with me deeply and I fully had to stop reading because my heart needed soothing so badly I couldn’t keep going and I think that’s something very special in poetry, how the simple arrangement of a few words can fill you up with emotions and even when you’re enjoying it sometimes you can’t breathe. There’s something beautifully painful in this book and, for me, that’s what makes it a masterpiece.

I recommend this book to anyone that’s not triggered by sex, violence, abuse, drugs, and addiction. It is incredibly raw and it is incredibly beautiful. Christina Hart is a true artist.


5 / 5 flowers


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